Welcome to Multicultural and Indigenous Studies

Despite Canada's progressive reputation as a "multicultural" society, there are profound inequalities among Canadians, as well as between Canadians and Aboriginal Peoples. Our new and innovative Multicultural and Indigenous Studies (MIST) program (formerly Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity - REI) - the only one of its kind in Canada - challenges these inequalities by examining how they thrive in our everyday experiences, addressing how they are promoted by Canadian governments and institutions and exploring how we can work towards social justice.

Students in this innovative program have their choice of three streams - Diaspora Studies, Indigenous Studies, or Racism and Multicultural Studies.

Diaspora Studies explores both the multiple social processes, global and local, which result in the formation of diasporic communities, and the issues facing specific diasporic communities. Our intensive focus on immigration, and refugee issues is central to this Stream.

Indigenous Studies addresses the histories, values, cultural expression, and concerns of Indigenous peoples, with a strong focus on self-empowerment, as well as their relationships with other racialized communities and with Canada as a whole. Visit the Indigenous Studies website for additional details.

Racism and Multiculturalism focuses on racism in Canada, the state processes and discourses that perpetuate racism, and the struggles of racialized communities to resist oppressive and marginalizing practices.  The limits of official multiculturalism and the efforts of racialized and diasporic communities to create a genuinely multicultural society will also be explored.

All students take core courses that conceptually link these streams, to enable a deeper understanding of the issues facing racialized, diasporic, and Aboriginal communities. Watch a video to learn more.