MIST Faculty and Research Interests

MIST Faculty and Research Interests Faculty teaching the Multicultural and Indigenous Studies (MIST) program at York are internationally renowned scholars in their field, committed to conducting research that has relevance for both local and global communities.

MIST Faculty

Das Gupta, Tania (tdasgu@yorku.ca) - Race, gender and class concerns for the workplace; labour market; families; multiculturalism; South Asian diaspora; immigrant women's activism; labour movement

Derayeh, Minoo (derayeh@yorku.ca) - Gender and religion; modernity and tradition; religion and social justice; multicultural and multiracial education

Goodman, Mark J. (mgoodman2@gmail.com) - Slavery and enslaved communities in the Americas; African-American family structure and culture; racism and colonial practices; state authority and the retrenchment of the equality agenda in the United States since the 1960s

Jacobs, Merle (merlej@yorku.ca) - Employment equity, collegiality, vicarious trauma and helping professions; race as a category; Burmese refugees in Toronto: Trauma in ethnic women; social justice and human rights; relocation in Canada

Lawrence, Bonita (bonital@yorku.ca) - Regulation of Native identify; gender and colonization; Indigenous justice, sovereignty and literature; traditional Native singing

McNab, David (dtmcnab@yorku.ca) - Aboriginal Land and Treat Rights; British imperial history; Canadian history; Ontario history

Moghissi, Haideh (moghissi@yorku.ca) Middle East politics and culture; Islam and gender; human rights; diversity, ethnicity and immigration; race relations and policies

Oikawa, Mona (oikawa@yorku.ca) - Race and anti-racism studies; gender and culture studies; internment of Japanese Canadians

Quirt, Maggie (mquirt@yorku.ca) - Northern residential schools; reconciliation and restitution; human rights of Indigenous peoples; legacies of settler colonialism