Message from the Chair

chairWelcome to the Department of Equity Studies in York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS)! Multicultural and Indigenous Studies (MIST) is the only program in Canada that focuses on how racism shapes Canadian society at every level, while addressing the issues, concerns and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples. Within MIST, students can pursue streams in Diaspora Studies, Race and Multiculturalism and Indigenous Studies. By making connections between local and global experiences of colonialism and examining their multiple legacies, students explore cultural identity, diaspora, and issues such as fundamentalism, cultural genocide, Islamophobia and anti-semitism. MIST explores how these multiple and diverse experiences intersect, enabling students to develop a broader understanding of the complex issues facing a society which embraces multiculturalism while maintaining colonial relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Graduates prepare for careers in Law and Law Enforcement, Education (teaching and administration), Journalism, Social Work, Immigration Services, Conflict Mediation, Equity Trainer, Community Worker, Government, Policy Analysis, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

You are a very important part of our department and we look forward to meeting you and providing you with opportunities to achieve your academic goals.

We welcome you to our DES family! We all are here to help you and make your journey at York enriching, exciting and successful. As you make new friends, you will study with celebrated authors, and award winning teachers and you will be pursuing a degree that is one of the most in-demand by employers.

Welcome to the Multicultural & Indigenous Studies Program in the Department of Equity Studies.

Minoo Derayeh, PhD
Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Equity Stdies
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
York University
410 Atkinson
416 736 2100 ex 30270